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My Story

I spent my child hood growing up in East London within a large typical East London family where dad went to work and mum  stayed home to take care of family and home . 

I loved playing sports with my brothers and friends especially football. I had normal up bringing so life was no different from any one else . 

But somehow I had always felt a little different . The feeling of never being alone, being followed where ever I went, hearing voices that came from nowhere and the just knowing feeling when something was going to happen were an every day occurrence . I would walk into an empty room and instantly sense that I was not the only one present , or the feeling of being watched.


I attended my first Spiritualist church when I lived in Essex. Not sure what to expect, I sat at the back of the room near the exit for a quick getaway if needed. I was pleasantly surprised  how it was not at all what I imagined. It was a well lit room in the local community centre. Everyone was sitting in their seats chatting away and being friendly. I was lucky to receive my first ever message from the Medium working.  It was from from my grandfather Albert who had said I would one day be standing here doing what I had just witnessed and also I would eventually travel overseas to carry out spirits work. To be honest I just laughed at this as I did not know the first thing about spirit let alone Mediums and such like !

I was taken under the wing of the Church leader , who taught me a great deal about Healing . For the next three years or so all I wanted was to go where ever I could to do Healing .I attended many Spiritualist Churches and also was invited in to peoples homes to conduct healing. 

I was also lucky enough to be invited to sit in two closed circles. They both were run by very strict teachers who had a wealth of knowledge and experience .

The first circle gave me a great foundation for the work ahead. I experienced Trance Mediumship , Healing, Meditation, Guides and also many talks on Spiritualism and the Spirit world. After seven years the circle came to a natural end . I eventually found a second close circle.

This circle was the one that had a huge impact on my development. It was here my  Mediumship blossomed with the guidance of great teachers . They were very strict and always taught me to work honestly and from the heart. I also had the great fortune to work along side my teachers on platform on many occasions in the UK 

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