Mechanics of Mediumship intensive workshop
Sat 7th Sept 2019  9.30am-4pm
@ The Adelaide Theosophical Society  300 South Terrace Adelaide .
Strictly not for beginners, but designed for those who are already working in the field . Wether you are a working Medium or Psychic looking to enhance your skills and gain knowledge with one of Adelaide's well respected Mediums . Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone , experiment with your work through different exercises to use in your work and gain the confidence to give more detailed evidence. Understand what it means to sit in the power , attune to the spirit world and keep the link going. Discover your own unique style , gain confidence to achieve a higher standard of working and overcome your fears. There will be plenty of one-one and group exercises to practice your skills and try different techniques .   Cost $135        
$35 Deposit to reserve your space , balance can be paid on the day  or beforehand via the Paypal icons
Mediumship Intensive
workshop deposit $35
Mediumship Intensive
workshop in full  $135
Sat 12th Oct- Flower reading workshop @ The Adelaide Theosophical Society 300 Sth Terrace. 1.30-4.30pm
Cost $65 . Tea/Coffee provided.  To register your interest please use the contact form