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Appearance at Adelaide Fringe 

"Barry Gray is absolutely an every day bloke with a remarkable , extraordinary talent; the ability of connecting to the spirit realm"


"Sincerity and kindness in delivering these messages is equal - and in some cases more accurate

than any international Psychic Medium I have ever seen "


FRINGE REVIEW: Messages From Heaven” At GC Underground. 14 March. Barry Gray is a popular Adelaide Psychic- Medium and well deserving of his title as “ SA’s Psychic of the Year 2013”. His performance at the GC Underground was a true indication of his ability to communicate with loved ones who had passed.- giving names and information to audience members who were able to confirm the messages coming through. Barry’s sincerity and kindness and delightful humour in delivering these messages is equal -and in some cases more accurate than any international psychic- medium I have ever seen. A wonderful uplifting evening with Barry Gray and guests from beyond.

5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Dianna Taylor The Cool Room 100.5

Recipients of messages

"Amazing. He blew me away with what he told me and was able to channel a very special young man that we had recently lost which gave me such peace of mind. If you ever have the opportunity to have a reading with Barry, highly recommend you do it. Such a wonderful man".

"I went to the Group Reading at Norton Summit yesterday, Saturday 21st September. I took my Grandfather's book that I put together from papers. Barry found me by asking for someone researching the Wars. My grandmother came through describing family heirlooms and my mother with insight. It was wonderful to get this connection. The whole event was presented with humour, encouragement and positive, caring messages. Thank you very much"

"I had my reading today and I didn't know what to expect. Barry was able to read me and the family to a tee! I got a lot if insight and a couple of pressing questions answers. I highly recommend Barry and will definitely come back again".


"Oh my God Barry is oh so spot on. Amazing gifted man"


"I have know Barry for a vast number of years and I can truthfully say his is the same of the stage as he is when working. a man with a big heart and a gift that is out of this world".

"Amazing Psychic Medium! Very impressedwith his abilities, and concerns of how it could be affecting and impacting you . Would recommend him" .

"Amazing psychic medium! Very impressed with his abilities, and concerns of how it could be affecting and impacting you. Would recommend him"

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