• Barry Gray

Mechanics of Mediumship Intensive Workshop

For those who have been asking for my next workshop in Adelaide....

Strictly not for beginners, but designed for those who are already working in the field . Whether you are a working Medium or Psychic looking to enhance your skills and gain knowledge with one of Adelaide's well respected Mediums . Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone , experiment with your work through different exercises to use in your work and gain the confidence to give more detailed evidence. Understand what it means to sit in the power , attune to the spirit world and keep the link going. Discover your own unique style , gain confidence to achieve a higher standard of working and overcome your fears. There will be plenty of one-one and group exercises to practice your skills and try different techniques

Details can be found at workshop page

Please feel free to pm for more info .

Adelaide Theosophical Society 310 Sth Terrace Adelaide . details @