Barry conducts both face to face & group readings for people from all walks of life right across the globe . Barry offers readings via Phone , Skype or face to face through out the year with time permitting.

Individual readings

Face to face readings are conducted in a private and safe environment on the Gold Coast. With confidentiality assured, readings can be Psychic or Mediumship or both. Readings can be half or a full hour .

Barry reads for clients all over the globe. For those who are interstate or overseas and wanting a reading, Barry conducts readings  via phone or zoom. Readings can be half an hour or a full hour. Click for enquiries

Group Readings

Barry offers group readings in the comfort your own home or a designated venue . Group readings are limited to a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 people . This ensures everyone will receive a message from their loved ones, family or friends in the spirit world providing the spirit world makes themselves known during the session. Also these group readings can be Psychic which is all about you and your life. You will also will hear other people's messages. 

These sessions are generally uplifting, sometimes emotional as the messages are delivered in Barry's own unique way whilst making every effort to give equal time to each person although not guaranteed as some spirits may have more to say than others!

There are no guarantees as to whom you may hear from so come with an open mind . These sessions run for approximately 2.5 - 3 hours

​​Another popular choice is a group Mediumship session which is like a private show for a larger group in the comfort of your own home or chosen venue of your choice. Group readings are for a minimum of 15 to no maximum. Not every one will receive a message due to time restraints and it would be impossible to give everyone in a large group ,a message. There are no guarantees who will receive a message and from whom in the spirit world.  These sessions generally run for approximately 2 hours .

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